About Us

Panchtattva ayurveda is a one stop holistic and authentic classical kerala based panchkarma therapeutic center for all chronic ailments.Our doctors are specialised in classical ayurveda and panchkarma therapies and cater to your unique individual needs and customize our treatment plans according to your prakriti and dosha involvement.

Our Specialities

Musculo Skeletal

Ayurveda identifies two major types of joint problems. The first type is associated with poorly-nourished joints or low bone density and overall weakness in the joints.Panchtatva ayurveda.

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Skin Ailments

Our body is made up of three main bio elements namely Vata, Pitta & Kapha. All these are present in varying degree in all human bodies & balance of these elements is a much needed factor.

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Gastro Intestinal Disorder

Over 90% of Indians suffer from everyday digestion problems. Panchtatva provide simple solutions to these common complaints by considering not only what we eat but how we consume our meals.

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Life Style Disorder

If we consider why lifestyle diseases are increasing manifold across the world, the most accurate thought would be that we lead a hectic lifestyle with lack of daily routine.

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Complete Body Care

Beauty is not in a portion or in a magic pill. Everyone is beautiful in his or her own way – you just need a little natural and loving touch with Ayurvedic care.

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Why to Move towards Ayurvedic Wellness??

It Works with natural mechanisim of your body.

If you feel tired,fatigued all the day it will help you.

It improves your digistive time with natural mechanism.

Today we are living very sedentry and poor life style with junk food what we are eating is getting submitted in body and creating toxic.

Ayurvedic Wellness Programme

Body Detoxification and Rejuvenation.

It throws our toxins out of the body.

It Boost up the immunity system.

It Purifies and clean all the Body.

Improves the digestive system.

Our Doctors

Dr.Ravi Kumar Saini

Post Graduate (M.D ayurved) Medical ayurved practitioner from Kanpur University,having total experience of 30 years.He was Advisor in Ayurvedic Medicines in Ministry of Health & Quality of Life.Republic of Mauritius.He also holds post graduation diploma in Hospital Management from Apollo Hospital India.

Dr.Arpit Abhishek Shahi

Medical graduate from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Bangalore having more than 10 years clinical experience in the field of ayurveda.He specialises in Panchkarma therapies.

Our Features

Way To Healthy Life Style

To live a healthy lifestyle with physical activity and exercise is the major contributor. Learn how to live a healthy life with Ayurveda and Yoga with Ayur Healthcare in Ghaziabad..

Root Cause Analysis

We at Panchtattva offer effective root cause analysis to identify the primary source of a problem and provide the individual with right treatment for his disease

All under in One Roof

We are known for offering best Ayurvedic, Panchakarma treatments and Yoga in Ghaziabad.

Panchakarma Certification Courses

For Ayurvedic Doctors

Duration:  10Days
Eligibility:  BAMS Degree Completed or
Internship Student
Fees:  5000/-

For Therapists

Duration:  30Days
Eligibility:  10+2(Science)
Fees:  10000/-

Ayurvedic Introduction
and treatment

Duration:  07Days
Eligibility:  10+2(Any Stream)
Fees:  5000/-

Our Treatment Concept


Naadi Pariksha

Prakarati and Tridosha analysis

Aastavidh and dasvid pariksha

Rog Nidaan


Deepan and Paachan

Sharir Shodhan

Shaman Chiktsa

Rasayan and Vajikaran

Motto of Ayurveda


It means: “Preservation to health of healthy person and treating ailments with breaking causative factors of pathogenesis”.


A cleansing and rejuvenating program for the body, mind and consciousness.


We offer a complete range of Ayurveda lifestyle products. You can order by phone or online

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